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"Each vehicle has a unique and identifiable application. In fact, on the first day of deployment at the Palmdale Mall, deputies credited their use of the device to the successful capture of two robbery suspects. At the conclusion of our initial trial of the new vehicles, we found that this technology was environmentally-friendly, well-suited to navigate in narrow streets and alleyways, functioned well for low speed traffic enforcement, had excellent maneuvering capabilities versus the standard radio car, enhanced deputy awareness and visibility in foot patrol applications, received a positive response by the public, enhancing our community policing efforts, allowed deputies the ability to stealthily approach potential law violators, and enhanced the deputy's ability in crowd control situations similar to deputies mounted on horseback, and were a perfect application for malls, parks, school campuses, large facilities, transportation platforms, and entertainment venues." Los Angeles Sheriffs" Department

"REMSA has had four successful cardiac arrest resuscitations when responding on with the T3s. Each time, there were crowds in the thousands and the responding crews were on the T3s and were the first on scene. Because of the decrease in downtime with the rapid response, we had successful resuscitations. In the past, REMSA would have responded on bikes and the bikes would have fatigued the staff and increased responding time to the patients. Since our inception of the T3s, the PR factor has been tremendous. With the T3s, people stop us constantly. We can't move more that 50 yards without being asked to pose for a photo." Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (Reno, NV) Special Events Coordinator

"It gets you in these places a whole lot better and it's quiet and it's a very attractive piece of equipment. It gets a lot of people's attention and they want to stop and talk." Albany (GA) Police Department

"I like it. They will keep an officer rested. These things will get you there just as quick (as a bicycle), but you're not tired when you get there." Vineland (NJ) Police Department Officer

"It allows them to see more because they're standing up looking around, where, on a bicycle, they're leaning over." Vineland (NJ) Police Department
Police Chief

"Students like them and the officers are easier to approach than when in a car." Brookhaven College (TX) Police Department
Police Chief

"These vehicles have many practical uses and advantage that will enhance public safety, especially in place or events where crowds gather." Los Angeles Police Department
Central Bureau Operations Deputy Chief

"I have used the T3 to patrol Downtown and I have used it on the bike trail." Brookhaven College (TX) Police Department
Police Chief

"It allows us to see better. It allows us to see on top of vehicles or see across the top of a crowd. It is just a great vehicle for patrol officers." Shoppes at EastChase (AL) Security Department

"They (customers) love it and like to make comments about it." Shoppes at EastChase (AL) Security Department
Director of Security

"The public is much more willing to stop. In the process of telling someone about the vehicle there is an opportunity to answer other questions." Denver University (CO) Campus Safety Department
Parking Enforcement Officer

"It is almost on-a-dime radius (turning)." Department of General Services Maryland Capital State Police
Police Chief

"It is starting to hit the public safety community by storm." Department of General Services Maryland Capital State Police

"These were something that is available, and it is a good tool to have." Department of General Services Maryland Capital State Police

"The T3 is very maneuverable and it enables our officers to patrol areas inaccessible to cars." Department of General Services Maryland Capital State Police
Police Chief

"It is easy to maneuver. This is the future. We want to get these vehicles downtown to make it a safer shopping environment. I am confident we will have more of these someday." Ventura (CA) Police Department

"They will make a difference. It would have been harder to make that arrest (of a shoplifter) had we not had this." Ventura (CA) Police Department

"It's a little more convenient with the alleys here in Key West. The movability around town, you don't have to wait for cars. I think they would be perfect for in town." United States Postal Service-Key West, FL
Letter Carrier

"We're trying to find more ways to be more energy efficient. We're very energy conscious." United States Postal Service-Key West, FL
South Florida Postal Service Spokesperson

"This is all part of going green." United States Postal Service-Key West, FL
Delivery Supervisor

"The officers loved the one we had when Oprah was here. The officers could still see and talk to everybody (while zipping down the street)." Macon (GA) Police Department
Police Chief

"For the past two years our goal has been reviewing ways to reduce the department's high fuel and vehicle repair cost. In addition to (reducing) the high fuel and repair cost, we also wanted to improve our response times in congested and difficult accessible areas." Brown University (RI) Department of Public Safety
Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety

"We're always exploring eco-friendly ways to get around. Our community policing plan calls for officers to get out of their patrol car and be able to interact with the community. They need to be able to hear things and be a lot friendlier with the community. I think this provides us that capability." Watsonville (CA) Police Department
Deputy Chief

"It's a real good investment. It will come in handy." Watsonville (CA) Police Department
Deputy Chief

"It expands the capabilities of a foot beat officer. It is pretty intuitive." Watsonville (CA) Police Department

"It gives us a little more versatility, a little more efficiency with fewer people." Watsonville (CA) Police Department
Police Chief

"Whenever we have a large group of people, we will use it. We will be able to cover three to four times more area each day." Watsonville (CA) Police Department
Deputy Chief

"It's actually very easy to operate. It is very intuitive." Watsonville (CA) Police Department

"This eco-energy shift blends well with our green plan and represents the concrete involvement of the City with respect to our environment and our community. It is to everyone's interest to implement proactive and efficient measures to fight greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles running on gas, and to counter the effects of the stupendous increases in the price of gas." City of Montreal Police Service
Lachine Borough Mayor

"We have residents here; we have retailers; we have our customers. If you find a tool that can help take care of everybody, it makes sense for us." The Domain (TX) Security Department
Director of Mall Marketing

"We have tried a lot of things over the years, and these are by far the best." Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (Reno, NV)

"We had two cardiac incidents where we ended up with saves on them. We were able to get through the crowd so much easier than with the Gator." Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (Reno, NV)
Special Events Coordinator

"Students seem to like them. They always want to ride." Colorado State University Police Department
Assistant Chief

"It's great for community-oriented police work. People will stop us. It makes us much more approachable than when we're in the box on wheels. One of the reasons we have T3s is that I got to try one out. It's a pretty cool way to get around campus. We can get on the plaza. If there's a crowd, we can get in without worrying about running anyone over. It really helps us with our campus go-green campaign. The officers (at CSU) are fighting over who gets to use them. It's first-come, first- served." Colorado State University Police Department
Assistant Chief

"Officers think it's great. We have officers who want to put their names on them and not give them to anyone else. As far as patrolling, it does give us an opportunity to get above the crowd. Students seem to love them also. They all want to ride them." Colorado State University Police Department
Assistant Chief

"Downtown (officers have) been assigned to a bigger area, all the way through Finley Street, and down to the mass transit depot. We also use this to ride the Greenway Trail, which goes all the way from Oconee Street to the Sandy Creek Nature Center. This thing is great for that because you're not exhausted when you get there. It's just a mode of transportation that allows us to go further. It gives you mobility." Athens-Clarke County (GA) Police Department

"The T3 is part of a strategy right now in trying to reduce fuel usage. This is electric - it requires no gasoline." Athens-Clarke County (GA) Police Department
Assistant Police Planner

"We will use it for the race and for events downtown. It gives you a height advantage over crowds of about a foot and help patrol officers who walk long distances. A lot of departments have had a lot of success with these. They use them in downtown Chicago and like them so far. If it works well, we could see more of them." Bristol (TN) Police Department

"It beats walking around. It's pretty comfortable." Paterson (NJ) Police Department

"It gives the police officer a much heightened view of the surroundings. You can go from one place to another very quickly, and it does not take any gas, which is our favorite thing, given the price of gas right now. The problem with the police [cars] is that you are in a cocoon. You don't always take in what's surrounding you. With the T3, you are with the people - you are not locked in a cocoon called a police car. You are more accessible." Paterson (NJ) Police Department
Police Director

"It provides a more direct link between citizens and law enforcement in garages and with outdoor gatherings. I think we'll find it has utility in crowds. Police can move through on these instead of on foot." Miramar (FL) Police Department
Human Resources Director

"It's easier to get around. Now I can sneak up on people, and because I'm elevated above the ground, it's easier to see. When they see me riding around, most of the city workers say they want it for their work. A lot of people think it's cool." Miramar (FL) Police Department Officer

"They were well-received by those who were using them, and we were pleased with their performance." Massachusetts State Police
State Police Spokesman

"They definitely work much better than the trucks we use now, and they would be more efficient. We could use them not only inside, but outside as well. We recognize we need to try and better utilize energy in the city. In a regular truck, since the garage is all one way, you have to go all the way up and back around if you want to get somewhere, but with this you can just go back and forth to where you want quickly." City of Norwalk (CT) Department of Public Works
Administrative Services Manager

"The T3s allow us to patrol a much wider area in the same time than when we're walking. They also reduce fatigue, especially during our hot summer weather." Glendale (AZ) Police Department

The main reason we got these vehicles was to save the planet. But they are also cheap to run. Once there's snow we'll use them indoors, like in shopping centres. They're very effective in a crowd. People can see you easily. In a car, you're in a bubble. From the T3, you can hear and see things and even smell things that normally you wouldn't." Montreal (Canada) Police Department

"If we can replace some cruisers and take those big V-8 engines out of service - a couple a day or more - we could save a lot of money. They share information and that increases the relationships that officers have with people in their district and helps us solve crime." Columbus (OH) Division of Police
Strategic Response Bureau Commander

"I usually let them get up and take pictures on it. The kids love it. It's getting back to where you're meeting the people. Being in a police cruiser isn't the same thing. You wave at them, but you don't see them. You don't get to talk to them. You don't get to tell them what this city is all about. They don't hear you coming. They had no idea what it was. They just don't picture a policeman on something that moves on three wheels. They're used to probably seeing a car and they stop doing what they're doing." Saint John (Canada) Police Department

"It's really based on your imagination. It's truly the next generation of law-enforcement tools. People stop us routinely to ask us questions. They ask how it operates, how long it runs and how fast it goes. The kids actually want to turn on the lights and sirens, and so do the adults." Joliet (IL) Police Department

"One of the natural advantages is that they capture the attention of the public." Fort Wayne (IN) Police Department

"Officers can get around faster, and they also have lighting systems and compartments where officers can carry paperwork or whatever they need." Fort Wayne (IN) Police Department
Police Chief

"We thought, planning ahead, this might be a good investment. Looking toward the future, we bought them with Harrison Square in mind." Fort Wayne (IN) Police Department
Police Chief

"It's a no-brainer the way gas prices are now. It's the thing of the future." Shipyard Plantation (SC) Security Department

"We're going to use them here at Marietta PD for special functions and patrolling densely populated areas like Franklin Road where we have so many apartment complexes. Instead of parking that patrol car, driving that patrol car at least for two to three hours we can park that car and put these into use. Takes about 3 to 4 hours to charge. It does have red and blue lights led lights, regular headlights, storage compartments on there." Marietta (GA) Police Department

"It goes at speeds up to 20 mph. It's got lights and a siren, and it runs on two batteries which cost 8 to 25 cents a day to run. We plan on using it in downtown. It's a good way to conserve fuel and a good way to get an officer out on the street and to come into more contact with the community. We plan on using it in downtown. It's a good way to conserve fuel and a good way to get an officer out on the street and to come into more contact with the community." Easthampton (MA) Police Department
Police Chief

"They were looking for zero emissions, something to cut down on our fuel usage. We have a paramedic with a monitor and his gear. He will able to bring it through special events... tight places, because of increased maneuverability." Pittsburgh (PA) EMS Department
Crew Chief

"It is the latest and greatest in electric personal vehicles. It takes an officer out of a cruiser and puts him out on the street and get a little more personal with the community. We got a call for a man that was down and unresponsive. I responded and arrived a minute ahead of the ambulance." Easthampton (MA) Police Department
Patrolman + Community Resource Officer

"They let you cover a lot of area a lot faster than you could on foot. You'll be able to have direct interaction with people, unlike being in a car. Chief Harper was saying they could be used in areas like Market Square, South Side Works, Station Square and the Waterworks Mall. I think the public is really going to like these things." Pittsburgh (PA) Police Department
Fleet Supervisor Sergeant

"With (the T3s), we really maintain the approachability factor. Plus, it's so inexpensive, with little carbon footprint." Dubuque (IA) Police Department

"For every eight hours we're on this it save us eight hours worth of fuel. So, over the year, I'm sure it will pay for itself. When you run these things 24/7 every dime in gas prices hurt us just as much as it does every other family and anyone else who drives a vehicle. So part of this is cost savings, part of this is environment." Wichita State University (KS) Police Department

"The key for me is that the vehicles increase the mobility and visibility of our security officers and help reduce crime. We have measured crime on the exterior of our properties pre- and post-deployment, and we are seeing less. The vehicles also facilitate high levels of customer interaction--something that is often lacking in our business. We do think T3s will help us move away from bicycles. T3s give a better response capability." Simon Property Group Vice President of Corporate Security

"In addition to cost savings, each T3 will reduce our carbon footprint by over five tons of CO2." Simon Property Group
Vice President of Energy Services

"These vehicles are perfect in many ways for a university setting and is significantly cheaper to operate than having regular vehicle use. Officers can take these up close to a building during patrols. They can look in windows and see more, and they can virtually turn on a dime. These vehicles fit the ideology for community policing efforts." Austin Peay University (TN) Police Department
Assistant Chief of Police

"I had seen them in the airport at Atlanta. They are good to move through crowds and fast. These make us much more approachable, and we're more visible to students than in a car." Austin Peay University (TN) Police Department

"With the T3 Motion my vantage point is a little higher so I can see over everything." Delray (FL) Police Department
Community Patrol Officer

"We are looking to reduce our fuel costs, but these (T3s) can be used to improve our community policing efforts. They are better in pedestrian areas and will be good at events like street festivals. This would be a combination of getting officers into the community and being energy efficient. We think it is a step we can take to look at the use of alternative fuel vehicles. It is cutting-edge." Niagara Falls (NY) Police Department

"It combines the advantages of foot patrol and bike patrol in a motorized vehicle. One of the things we hear from the bike patrol officers is they can catch people in (criminal acts) because (the criminal) doesn't hear them coming. With the scooters, you will be able to pull into parking lots, on an elevation which will allow you so to see a lot and potentially catch (someone trying to break into a car). With a bike patrol, you are limited by the officers pedaling power and endurance. Here you only have to worry about their wrist endurance to hold the throttle open." Niagara Falls (NY) Police Department
Police Superintendent

"It would appear to be very effective in places with a lot of people." Niagara Falls (NY) Police Department
City Purchasing Director

"It's the best tool I've seen to accomplish this mission (of community policing)." Dallas (TX) Police Department
Police Chief

"People love it. They are coming up to us to talk all the time." Dallas (TX) Police Department
Senior Corporal

"We're getting a full eight-hour shift (out of the scooters). We see students taking pictures." University of Texas Pan American (TX) Police Department
Assistant Chief

"It's fun to drive, it's quiet, and it's easy to drive. I'm used to it now, but the reactions of the students who see it for the first time were a lot like mine - they're like, What ... is that? Practically everyone wants a ride. Sometimes, I'll turn off the little key and let people stand on it. But they can't drive it." California State San Bernardino University Police Department

"It's a natural deterrent. When there's a greater sense of police presence, crime goes down. It's small enough to go inside buildings, and it's not intrusive on the sidewalks. It can cut response time in half." California State San Bernardino University Police Department

"You feel closer to the citizens, and the citizens feel closer to you." Memphis (TN) Police Department

"One guy said, 'You got me. I didn't realize you were standing there watching me. You find yourself doing a lot of public relations. There's more contact with the citizens." Memphis (TN) Police Department Officer

"The vehicle solely uses battery power and is very quiet, so it is going to be beneficial to officers who are communicating with each other." Opelika (AL) Police Department

"We received two (T3s) last week and they will primarily be used on the Auburn University campus and downtown areas to give us increased mobility during events like football games and other special events where crowds gather. These vehicles will be another welcomed tool in our arsenal against crime. And, as AU's campus becomes more pedestrianized, the T3s will become a more valuable tool." Auburn (AL) Police Department

"It has the (visible) deterrent of a patrol car, but somewhat of the stealth of a bike. I haven't heard anything negative." Dublin (CA) Police Department

"It gets out there where the golf cart is kind of bulky. The T3 can maneuver through hallways and get through doorways. It also has a zero-degree turning radius. You can basically sit right where you're at and spin around in circles. What better way to have people come up to you than to have a device like this. This way they have some type of protection available to them if they ever have to become a first responder to any hostile situation." Tarpon Springs (FL) Police Department

"People can really see you on these. The visual part is huge." Mesquite (TX) Police Department

"It'd be good anywhere with large crowds where you can't get a car. It's quick to get on and quick to get off. It's fairly simple. They can still stop and talk to people." Macon (GA) Police Department
Police Chief

"It gives them eight inches of height and because of the narrow dynamics of the machine. It's very easy to manipulate the machines through crowded airport terminals. So much more effective than sitting in a golf cart where the officers will get confined and slowed down by crowds. The problem with the golf cart is the officers are sitting down, they don't have a view into the distance plus when you're dealing in an airport environment you have usually big crowds and it's very difficult to move with a golf cart because of the size of the golf cart. Actually it's slower than walking. These machines give the officer the ability to look over the top of everybody's head and the other aspect is the machines are narrower and it allows them to manipulate their way through the crowd much more efficiently than walking or running." Peel (Canada) Regional Police Department
Regional Superintendant

"This will allow for much quicker response. Because the terminals are so big, if an office has to go by foot from one end of the terminal to the other, it can take 20 minutes. These should be a big help when you are looking for missing children or elderly people. Those searching can cover much larger areas in quicker time. Missing person cases occur more frequently at airports, where language barriers can often cause problems." Peel (Canada) Regional Police Department

"In 20 minutes, I was able to cover the post office, Finlay Park and the bus stop at Sumter and Laurel streets. On foot, Forget about it. It would have taken me hours." Columbia (SC) Police Department
Master Patrol Officer

"We were seeing other police departments that had been using them, so we decided to give it a try. It allows for good operation in confined places like the downtown." Andover (MA) Police Department
Police Chief

"It's great for working a crowd because you're nine inches higher than the public. It makes the officer more visible. If (an officer) wants to do real community policing - if he wants to get in with the people - he can't do it in a cruiser." Andover (MA) Police Department

"For guys on foot patrol, it certainly gets them where they have to be a lot quicker." Andover (MA) Police Department
Public Safety Officer

"There have been a lot of positive comments, it's a plus. It's another way to enforce stuff on campus. Everyone seems to like it pretty good. It's a good public relations tool too, people stop to talk about it. They want to know about it." Virginia Tech University Police Department
Patrol Officer

"The department is using the T3 as an additional tool in implementing a different strategy for security. It's something new that we are trying to see how feasible it is in helping the officers' patrol. The T3 doesn't have to be pedaled so it is easier for officers to just stop and talk to people who may have questions. We still have people on foot, bike and in vehicles, but it is easier than being on foot because spending 12 hours patrolling this campus in this heat can easily take a lot out of a person. We think the T3 will be more efficient and it provides another avenue of patrol." Virginia Tech University Police Department

"When people see it, they think Robocop. This brings more security and allows more access to police. People want to feel comfortable downtown." Riverside (CA) Downtown Partnership
Executive Director

"When an officer steps onto the T3, he adds nine inches of height. He can see into a crowd from the outside. He doesn't have to dismount to talk to anybody. There's less physical exercise than riding a bike because it's motorized, and rather than driving down the street in a cruiser with the air conditioning on and windows up, the officer is interacting with people, which is what we strive for. Our officers at the Galleria Mall at Tyler (Street) thought there'd be a lot of advantages to having them over there." Riverside (CA) Police Department

"Sure it's a little sexier, but there's a crime-prevention side to it. It enhances officers' visibility and mobility. They can whip in and out of traffic." Hollywood (FL) Police Department

"There were so many people out that day [on the 4th of July]. It was really easy to move through the crowd. You feel so much taller. It's easy to see everything. That means a lot for our response time." Hollywood (FL) Police Department

"Hudson County has never seen anything like this. An officer on a T3 will be more accessible to people on the street than those in cruisers. Once again, West New York is staying ahead of the curve on the issue of public safety." West New York (NJ) Police Department

"These are the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly vehicles we have in our fleet. They are a great addition." West New York (NJ) Police Department
Commissioner (Director of Public Safety)

"Overall, I think it's a great vehicle. It's a great way to patrol. It's environmentally-friendly and good for crowd control. I think it's a great addition to the department. If you are standing on top of the machine, you can't knock the officer down. They can run 25 miles an hour and we can sustain that speed." West New York (NJ) Police Department
Police Director

"It's great. I have a vintage Vespa scooter at home and the controls are very similar and easy to use. It would be excellent to use in the city centre. I think because of the number of jobs coming in, we need to get to some of them faster. Walking on foot limits the number of jobs you can attend. With this, we can get to more jobs. It's very nippy and easy to maneuver, especially in heavy traffic. It feels quite safe. For city working we can go from inquiry to inquiry and job to job and I can't see a problem with it. It seems quite good." Greater Manchester (U.K.) Police

"We wanted to make sure we were comfortable with them. They have been outstanding." West New York (NJ) Police Department

"It's going to save some wear and tear on the deputies' feet, and the mobility and the ease to get around to anywhere on that property is going to be greatly enhanced without them having to rely on that car all the time." Los Angeles Sheriffs Department/Palmdale Station

"It makes me a lot more personable. That's what I really like about it. People come up and talk to you and ask questions who wouldn't if I was on foot or in a (patrol) car." Los Angeles Sheriffs Department/Palmdale Station

"When people see this coming down the street, it really draws their attention and it is an excellent addition to our...suppression efforts. The visibility is what we're going for." Los Angeles Sheriffs Department/Lakewood Station

"The kids say, Cool! You guys got dubs! They all like it. They all say it looks cool. I particularly like it because it gives us a good vantage point inside the mall and outside in the parking lots. We can really see and get a good glimpse of what's going on, which is beneficial for us and the safety of everyone. Sometimes patrol can get kind of hot in here...Now that we can just zip around here, it's great. We love it." Los Angeles Sheriffs Department/Lakewood Station

"I think they generate interest from the public, seeing deputies on them, and it definitely increases their mobility." Los Angeles Sheriffs Department/Palmdale Station

"We are finding that we are able to operate the T3 for about five to six cents per day. The T3 seems to break down the barrier some people have with law enforcement. People see it, stop us, and are free to ask questions about it. They don't always get that opportunity when they see a police officer or CSO drive past in a patrol car." Grants Pass (OR) Public Safety Department

"Instead of being tired when you get there from pedaling, you're just fine. All you've got to be able to do is work the brake and accelerator." Hoover (AL) Police Department

"The T3 really has a police presence that we found appealing. It projects authority. It seems to enhance community relations because people feel it is so easy to approach the officer." Hoover (AL) Police Department
Assistant Chief

"It's an icebreaker, people who might not normally speak with police might with this kind of vehicle. It's so different, but it brings you closer to people, so much closer than a cruiser." Salem (MA) Police Department

"People don't expect it. It catches them off-guard. It weighs 280 pounds and has spaces to carry equipment and a backpack and it has a glove box. It's really stable." Monrovia (CA) Police Department

"We use them at special events, anywhere there are a lot of people where they make it easier to go through a crowd. You get there fast and you are nine inches off the ground. When you patrol a parking lot you can see over the cars and it can go up on sidewalks, down alleys and foot paths and do a 360-degree turn in place. It's a conversation piece and makes it easy for officers to talk to the public." Monrovia (CA) Police Department

"I liked it a lot. It gets you where you're going, and you can turn it 180-degrees, while a golf cart takes a three-point turn." Los Angeles Valley College Security Department
Security Officer

"I can patrol the entire parking lot (of the Antelope Valley Mall) in about 20 minutes. That's going up and down each aisle and looking inside each car. I can look inside every window and see what's going on. It's been a real positive influence here at the mall. Kids want to see it, and they want to get their pictures taken with it. Also, it makes the mall look more updated." Los Angeles Sheriffs Department/Palmdale Station

"For years, deputies have relied on golf carts to perform many of their duties around town. However, the golf carts provide limited visibility as the deputies sit lower than the pedestrians. The T3 serves as a raised observation platform for deputies, greatly enhancing their ability to see over and among crowds. It is providing a degree of speed and mobility that is proving very beneficial.

Juveniles periodically congregate in narrow alleys where patrol cars have been unable to access. The T3 has been able to quickly enter the alleyways and traverse significant distances in a very short time, enabling deputies to prevent excessive loitering and reduce the potential for crime. In fact, one deputy commented that he would prefer to forgo his patrol car for the versatility of the T3.

The use of patrol vehicles on campus property is greatly restricted as most of our interaction is actually in and around various buildings. We anticipate the T3 will allow a greatly increased response time on campus, among other benefits."
Los Angeles Sheriffs Department
Commander + Chief Technology Officer

"The T3 definitely has a cool factor." U.S.C. Public Safety Department
Executive Director Chief

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