T3 Powersport from T3 Motion

With the launch of its T3 Powersport product, T3 Motion is entering into the consumer market, leveraging years of expertise in the law enforcement, security and military industries. With an operating cost of less than a penny per mile, T3 products can achieve the equivalent of over 400 miles per gallon of gasoline, allowing users to have fun without high fuel costs and emissions.

T3 Motion’s proprietary power management technology maximizes driving range and minimizes recharging time. For maximum flexibility, the T3 Series showcases T3 Motion’s hot-swappable, plug-and-play battery module design that allows continuous vehicle operation without the downtime normally associated with the charging process.

The T3 Powersport product is 100% electric, powered by lithium batteries that have the capability to drive up to 25 miles on a single charge. Additionally, the T3 Powersport has a top speed of 18 mph, an elevated 9-inch platform and high intensity LED lighting.

T3 Motion’s initial focus on law enforcement facilitated its expansion into additional professional markets, particularly private security, military, and government. There are over 3,000 T3 Motion vehicles in operation, spanning nearly 30 countries worldwide and logging over 20,000,000 miles. These vehicles are currently used by the Pentagon, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), police departments, cities, municipalities, universities, airports, ports, military bases and other high-profile venues.

The T3 Powersport product is truly the next generation in green personal transportation solutions.

Electric Vehicle: Zero gas emissions, Clean energy vehicle
Easy to Operate: Simple and intuitive to drive
Color Options: White, Red, Black
Economical: Operates for less than one penny per mile
Unlimited Range: Swap-able battery modules
Charge Time: 4 hours
Enhanced Visibility: 9-inch raised platform offers optimized visibility
Agility: 0-degree turning radius
Integrated LED Lighting: Headlights, Brakelights, Tail lights, Turn Indicators, and Emergency lights
Speed Range: User Selectable -- 5 mph, 8 mph, 10 mph, 12 mph, up to 18 mph
Load Capacity: 450 pounds (rider + equipment)
Street Legal: Classified as an electric bicycle--legal in most states
Driver's License: Not required (check local listings)
Vehicle registration: Not required (check local listings)

Product Features:

T3 Motion To Showcase Clean-Energy - Swappable Batteries T 3 Motion To Showcase Clean-Energy - Charging System T 3 Motion To Showcase Clean-Energy - Pan/Tilt Integrated Lighting
Swappable batteries Patented Lithium Charging System Tilt Integrated Head Light

It is the buyer's responsibility to understand and adhere to the laws of their cities and states.
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