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T 3 Motion To Showcase Clean-Energy

 T 3 Motion To Showcase Clean-Energy T-3 Series ESV at Seven Leading Industry Events in March for Law Enforcement, Security and Government Markets.


Since 2006, T3 Motion clean-energy vehicles have gained an impressive presence in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Now these innovations are quickly becoming the preferred solution around the world. With an expanded global network of distributors in key regions, T3 Motion electric vehicles are delivering a unique set of benefits in performance, reliability, cost savings and environmental impact.

T-3 Series all-electric standup vehicle (ESV) is available in an international model built to metric specifications, the T3 i-Series.

We understand how to work together with our international customers to ensure that the T3 Motion vehicles they have selected are configured for their needs. And we know how to work with local governments and agencies to expedite demonstrations, specifications and delivery so the vehicles can be on duty as soon as possible.

The clean-energy T3 Series and T3 i-Series electric standup vehicle (ESV) offers a high level of visibility for the driver, a commanding presence, and the agility to move quickly and easily even in constrained spaces. In addition, the electric CT Micro Car offers a four-wheel alternative in a safe, comfortable and enclosed environment. Both offer dramatic operational and maintenance cost savings.

• All-electric, zero gas emissions for high efficiency and low environmental impact
• Two swappable power modules for convenience and range
• Quick charging time on dual batteries for virtually no downtime
• Flexible, raised platform for situational awareness and comfort
• Zero-degree turning radius for quick agility
• Streamlined profile for access to limited spaces
• Three-wheel design for stability
• Elevated profile, bright lights and PA/siren for command presence
• Up to 25-km/h speed capability for rapid response and pursuit
• Rugged construction for long life and safety

T3 Motion International Users

Abu Dhabi PD
Alfazaa Police (Qatar)
Al Ain Police (UAE)
Bahamas Police Force
Bermuda Police Force
CBINA Security (Montreal)
Dynamic Security (Abu Dhabi)
Emiri Guard (Qatar)
Government of Acapulco (Mexico)
Government of Durango (Mexico)
Government of Tamaulipas (Mexico)
Lakhwiya Government Properties

Marseille Police Department (France)
Montreal PD
Montreal Police Force
Municipality of Saint Nicholas (Mexico)
Saint John PD (New Brunswick, Canada)
Nantes Police Department (France)
Security Prosol/Volkswagen (Puebla City, Mexico)
Security Triangulo/Encourage

Commercial Center (Puebla City, Mexico)
Spectrum Guatemala
Televisa/Televisora (Mexico)
Three Rivers PD (Quebec)
Trinidad and Tobago Police
Quebec City PD
York Regional PD (Newmarket, Ontario)

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