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T3 Motion, T3 Patroller ESV All-electric, zero gas emissions segway for high efficiency and low environmental impact
"We have measured crime on the exterior of our properties pre- and post-deployment, and we are seeing less. The vehicles also facilitate high levels of customer interaction--something that is often lacking in our business. We do think T3s will help us move away from bicycles. T3s give a better response capability."
- Simon Property Group Vice President of Corporate Security
T3 Motion, T3 Patroller ESV All-electric, zero gas emissions for high efficiency and low environmental impact


T3 Motion segways for Security

Security operations span corporate and industrial facilities to high-traffic retail and entertainment venues. These operations demand vehicles that are comfortable and easy to operate as well as agile and quick in responding to emergencies. Deployed by the world's leading security firms, the clean-energy T3 Patroller stand-up personal transportation vehicle offers a high level of visibility for the driver along with the agility to move quickly and easily even in constrained spaces like elevators.

Retail security encompasses a unique set of environments, from indoor or outdoor malls to parking lots and parking garages. These situations present a range of surfaces and spaces to negotiate. Effective asset protection requires versatile solutions that can operate in these varied settings. Plus, retail security operations need to establish positive interactions with patrons and customers, including visibility as energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Parking patrols take place in a wide array of environments including municipalities, office complexes, retail malls and educational institutions. Vehicles in these applications should offer two fundamental benefits: energy efficient technology to reduce costs and features that provide comfort and safety for the driver. The T3 Patroller is the perfect choice for making the rounds.

T3 Patroller

  • Cost-Savings
    No gasoline costs and fewer officers on patrol means money back in your pocket
  • No Downtime
    Quick charging times on dual batteries allow you to swap batteries and get back on patrol in under one minute
  • Visibility
    Flexible, raised platform for situational awareness and comfort
  • Maneuverability
    Zero-degree turning radius helps you be as agile as a foot patrol officer, but with the speed and control of a vehicle
  • Stability
    Three-wheel design for officer safety and control
  • Quick response
    Up to 20-mph speed capability for rapid response and pursuit
  • Rugged construction
    Sturdy design for long life and safety

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