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T3 Patroller Series all-electric standup vehicle (ESV)
T3 Motion, T3 Patroller All-electric, zero gas emissions for high efficiency and low environmental impact
"These vehicles have many practical uses and advantages that enhance public safety, especially in place or events where crowds gather."
T3 Motion, T3 Patroller All-electric, zero gas emissions for high efficiency and low environmental impact


T3 Motion products for Law Enforcement

The T3 Patroller electric standup vehicle (ESV) was originally designed specifically to meet the needs of public safety agencies. It provides a unique set of features that enable officers to engage the community and respond to situations quickly and effectively. It has built a reputation for performance, reliability and cost effectiveness in deployments around the world. These innovative, clean-energy vehicles are the clear choice for progressive public safety fleets.

Law enforcement officers must deal with a wide range of environments, from routine patrolling to crisis situations. Officers must be ready and equipped to respond on a moment's notice. Situational visibility, command presence and agility are essential. Plus, effective beat patrols and community policing depend on building positive relationships with businesses and residents. The T3 Patrollers delivers on all counts.

Public events such as festivals, parades, concerts and sporting events often involve large and sometimes unruly crowds. These situations require vehicles that provide a high level of visibility over the crowd, a strong presence, mobility and operator safety. Plus, they must be able to negotiate restricted spaces as well as streets, sidewalks, parking facilities and venue interiors. The T3 Patroller brings the versatility needed to stand out in a crowd.

Campus safety patrols call for vehicles that are comfortable and easy to operate as well as agile and quick in responding to an emergency situation. Plus, the right vehicle can play an important role in developing positive community relations with faculty, staff and students. And, regardless of the setting, cost effectiveness is essential. The T3 Patroller will make the grade on campus.

Parking enforcement activities take place in an array of environments including municipalities, office complexes, retail malls and educational institutions to monitor permit- and time-restricted areas. Vehicles in these applications should offer two fundamental benefits: energy efficient technology to reduce costs and features that provide comfort and safety for the driver. The T3 Patroller is perfect for making the rounds.

T3 Patroller

  • Cost-Savings
    No gasoline costs and fewer officers on patrol means money back in your pocket
  • No Downtime
    Quick charging times on dual batteries allow you to swap batteries and get back on patrol in under one minute
  • Visibility
    Flexible, raised platform for situational awareness and comfort
  • Maneuverability
    Zero-degree turning radius helps you be as agile as a foot patrol officer, but with the speed and control of a vehicle
  • Stability
    Three-wheel design for officer safety and control
  • Quick response
    Up to 20-mph speed capability for rapid response and pursuit
  • Rugged construction
    Sturdy design for long life and safety

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Read on to learn how the T3 Patroller has helped to decrease crime in French cities by approximately 12% overall.

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