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Mission Statement:

At T3 Motion, through creative solutions and refined engineering, we endeavor to produce personal mobility vehicles that meet the stringent performance standards and image of the professional.

Clean Energy:

At T3 Motion, we believe that our technology should be a benefit to both our professional end-users and the environment. Our zero gas emissions all-electric vehicle, the T3 Series, proves clean energy is cost-effective.

An Innovative History:

T3 Motion was born on the cutting-edge. The California-based company's commitment to the vision and creative application of technological advances has culminated in their specialized expertise to enhance the personal mobility market.

Back in 2000, a hand-picked team of expert engineers, veteran designers, seasoned management, and environmental specialists was assembled. This diverse and accomplished group brought together world-renowned backgrounds in engineering, design, and electronics previously seen in some of the world's most celebrated automobiles and other critical projects.

The challenge for the T3 Motion team was to explore the unfulfilled needs of personal and fleet transportation through the vision of professional-grade personal mobility products. Through extensive critical analysis of the functional needs and performance requisites of the professional sector, the team focused on creative solutions for individual vehicle travel. Three years and thousands of hours of exhaustive testing and field trials later, T3 Motion, launched the first of many products in its personal mobility arsenal, the T3 Series. Based on exhaustive testing and field trials, T3 Motion, launched the first of many products in its personal mobility arsenal, the T3 Series, in 2006.

Opportunities in the Market:

With the professional marketplace actively searching for environmentally-conscious and job-specific vehicles, the T3 Series is an immediate response to the needs of the professional community. The T3 Series is an electric three-wheel stand-up vehicle that is directly targeted to the public safety, private security and government markets. The T3 Series is incredibly effective in a variety of day-to-day professional applications while still being true to its original vision--a vehicle that both preserves and protects the environment.

The T3 Series has been designed to tackle a host of daily professional functions, from community policing to the patrolling of airports, military bases, campuses, malls and public event venues.

From the beginning, the T3 Series has incorporated professional feedback from the law enforcement and security industries for its design, features, and performance characteristics. This active dialogue has led to a clear understanding of the professional and fiscal needs of the law enforcement and private security marketplaces.

The T3 Series squarely hits the target for an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective professional vehicle that is designed to improve efficiency, reduce fatigue, and increase the ability to interface with the community.

As the marketplace continues to evolve, so will T3 Motion, through its commitment to research, development, and manufacture of products that continue to revolutionize the way we think about clean-energy vehicles.

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