Thank you for your interest in T3 Motion

We are currently seeking qualified dealers to represent T3 Motion in local market areas throughout the United States.

About the T3 Patroller

This award-winning product is "Made in USA" and is environmentally-friendly with years of design experience in the field.

Our product has been developed with proprietary and patented technologies and offers unique advantages such as swap-able "hot" batteries, large storage capacity, indoor and outdoor usage, towing capability, a top speed of 20 mph, Lithium Polymer batteries plus a stable riding platform… and because of our continued growth, we believe that T3 Motion products would offer a great profit opportunity and be a complimentary fit with your current products.

Vast Market Potential

T3 Motion has an established domestic and international presence within many commercial segments such as public safety, university security, transportation, delivery and first-responders. Furthermore, we are currently developing plans to enter the consumer market.

We will be establishing a limited dealer network in various markets to serve our customers.

Apply to be a Dealer

To find out more about becoming a dealer of the award-winning T3 Patroller, complete the T3 Motion Dealer Application.

Please email the completed application to sales@t3motion.com

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