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Package delivery and utility service routes log thousands of miles every day in the course of their routines. High-efficiency vehicles can reduce the energy usage in these applications dramatically to cut costs and benefit the environment. And the savings may also offer the opportunity to provide transportation for those currently walking their routes. In addition, comfort and versatility are two other key requirements. It takes a unique vehicle to meet these needs.

The clean-energy T3 Patroller electric standup vehicle (ESV) is a great fit for route and delivery applications. It is a highly versatile and reliable vehicle for routine route needs as well as for quick response when needed.

T3 Patroller

• All-electric, zero gas emissions for high efficiency and low environmental impact
• Two swappable power modules for convenience and range
• Quick charging time on dual batteries for virtually no downtime
• Flexible, raised platform for situational awareness and comfort
• Zero-degree turning radius for quick agility
• Streamlined profile for access to limited spaces
• Three-wheel design for stability
• Elevated profile, bright lights and PA/siren for command presence
• Up to 20-mph speed capability for rapid response and pursuit
• Rugged construction for long life and safety

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