PROCARE® offers three plans designed to minimize your exposure to the high costs of vehicle repairs. For each plan, you pick the deductible and coverage term. And while you are always encouraged to return to your dealer for repairs, you may always use any licensed repair shop of your choice. Each of these plans is a vehicle service contract that works like and extended warranty for your T3 Fleet.

PROCARE® has everything that StatedCare covers, plus much more, including coverage for more than 20 additional components. With TotalCare, components like Brake Light Switches, Battery Latches, headlamp contollers and many others are covered. This plan is ideal for vehicle owners who don’t want to ever pay for repairs to their vehicles. See TotalCare coverage list.

PROCARE™ – This comprehensive repair plan includes the EssentialCare and PrimaryCare covered items, and extends protection to the suspension, steering and electrical systems, and high tech/convenience group. In fact, StatedCare covers such high-tech items as Speed Sensors and voltage regulator, contactor circuit, battery connectors, and a whole lot more. It also covers tires and wheels. See StatedCare coverage list.

PROCARE™ – This major components repair plan protects the most critical parts of your vehicle; the motor, and drive systems. So if the heart of your vehicle fails, you’re covered. SeePowerCare coverage list.

Subject to terms and conditions of coverage; please see specific coverage plans for full details.

Component Group Essential Extended Ultimate
Motor Assembly
Drive Train
Brake Systems
Battery Systems
Electrical Systems
Charging System
Power System
Display/Lighting Group
Seals & Gaskets
More than 20 Additional Components
Service Benefits Essential Extended Ultimate
In Service Guarantee
Vehicle Loaner Service
Wheel & Tire Road Hazard Coverage
Additional Contract Benefits Essential Extended Ultimate
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