Emergency medical services teams face some of the most daunting challenges of any professionals involved in public safety. They often are often called upon to surmount difficult conditions such as large crowds, uneven surfaces and constrained spaces to reach people in need of immediate medical attention. They need a very special kind of vehicle to respond effectively in a life or death situation.

The clean-energy T3 Patroller electric standup vehicle has delivered proven performance, resulting in the saving of lives by first responders. It is recognized as the right vehicle for the job when it comes to safely and quickly navigating through crowds, accessing interior spaces including elevators, and helping medical personnel arrive fresh and alert.

• All-electric, zero gas emissions for high efficiency and low environmental impact
• Two swappable power modules for convenience and range
• Quick charging time on dual batteries for virtually no downtime
• Flexible, raised platform for situational awareness and comfort
• Zero-degree turning radius for quick agility
• Streamlined profile for access to limited spaces
• Three-wheel design for stability
• Elevated profile, bright lights and PA/siren for command presence
• Up to 20-mph speed capability for rapid response and pursuit
• Rugged construction for long a life and safety

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