T3 Motion Prepares To Launch New Online Shopping Site For Vehicle Parts and Spares
New Elite Series Ships To Dallas PD
T3 Motion is pleased to announce that it has begun deliveries of it's latest Gen 2.5 Elite HD Series Vehicles to the Dallas Police Department.
T3 Announces GPS Fleet Tracking
T3 Motion announced today that it is making final preparations for the launch of the it's new T3 Tracks GPS Fleet Tracking System which will be availalbe for purchase on all new vehicle orders received after January 1st, 2014. The system will operate on both the AT&T and T-Mobile GSM cellular netowrks in the U.S. with international deployment planned for the second quarter. The system will provide realtime fleet tracking, exception reporting and theft alerts to corporate security users.
Staples Commercial Features T3
The T3 Patroller once again continues it's iconic reputation as a vehicle of the future as can be seen in the latest Staples Office Commercial which began airing this week. Other recent appearances included Best Buy, ABC Televisions Dancing with the Stars and the trendy new show Modern Family.
January Sales Up Over 300%
January sales are off to record levels in 2014 as CEO William Tsumpes anticipates the company will make it's first profit since it's founding. "With the kind of volumes we're seeing already this quarter it appears that the company may post it's biggest quarter ever," stated T3 CEO William Tsumpes. The company expects to release additional information regarding several new agreements in the coming days. Tsumpes went on to state, "We've currently got quotes out for more than 500 units for the 1st quarter which represents our typical average annual volume over the past three years."
CEO William Tsumpes & Mr. Dalo Nala
T3 Motion CEO William Tsumpes and South African businessman Mr. Dalo Nala sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement for Government, Law Enforcement and Security in South Africa. Under the terms of this new 5 year agreement T3 Motion received an initial opening order valued at more than $800,000.00 for immediate delivery.
T3 Motion Prepares New Website
T3 Motion is pleased to announce the availability of it's new internet website at www.T3Motion.com. The new site will provide significant advantages and design updates over it original site first launched in 2008. Boasting a new updated look and feel the site also inludes a new fully developed Investor Relations section and will also include a new online shopping cart for parts and spares. The full development is expected to be completed by the end of January 2014.
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